Physics Teaching

By: Pras (Prasanna Tilakaratna) & Salih Salim & Tim Lee at Broomfield Hospital

Date : Wednesday 12th July, 2023

Time : 9:30 – 16:30.

Venue: Broomfield Hospital Seminar room

Hello everyone. This year, we plan to have the physics teaching day as a face to face one, at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford. We aim to keep the day very interactive, where everyone takes part by answering questions on a whiteboard. This helps keep everyone awake and the day becomes more enjoyable.

The format is that each one of you, ahead of time (i.e. now!) selects a topic from a list. On the day, we will ask you a few questions on the chosen topic, where you will explain the answers on a whiteboard to the rest of the group.

The hope is to cover as many topics as we can, clarifying doubts using our combined knowledge. The ultimate aim is for you to have a core understanding of the basics, so that it will give you a good foundation for you to add further knowledge as you read your textbooks.

It is important that you please select a topic now and read up on it, otherwise, the format does not work and becomes boring to all concerned.

 Here is the list of topics. If there is no name next to the topic, it is available for you to choose:

Please select topic ( and one or two other choices as a back up) and let me know by emailing me at

When you email me, please also give you your current hospital and your phone number just in case I need to contact everyone.

Whenever I can , I will update the list with your names. 

If you do not choose a topic, I will randomly allocate one to you on the day. But that is not ideal as without preparation, people struggle to answer making the course less useful to everyone.

Communication may be a bit slow, so please  tell  / whats app your colleagues (including those in other hospitals in our education region)  to visit this webpage and choose a topic.

Please note, you DO NOT need to make a full presentation. Just read up and be prepared to answer, with the aid of a whiteboard.

List updated : 11/07/2023

  • defibrillator : Peta masters (Broomfield Hosp)
  • diathermy: Jack Ryan Princess Alex Hospital
  • anaesthesia machine safety features  :
  • anaesthesia machine pathway of various gases:
  • Circle breathing system:
  • Bains circuit :
  • Scavenging :
  • Vacuum Insulated Evaporator (VIE) for O2 storage: Lucy Mealy (Broomfield)
  • Oxygen measurement in anaesthesia machine (Fuel cell, para magnetic) : Dominica
  • Blood gas machine sensors (pH,O2,CO2, co oximetry ) :
  • Pulse oximetry : Hashim Ameeruddin
  • Capnography : William Harrison (Southend Hospital)
  • Vaporisers conventional : Sam Harding (Southend hosp)
  • Vaporiser , Desflurane : Ruth
  • Laminar, turbulent flow. (Flowmeters ,pneumotachograph) :
  • Doppler cardiac output monitoring principles : Lynsey Crowley (Broomfield)
  • Lasers : Angus (PAH)
  • BP measurement (non invasive and invasive) :
  • Wheatstone bridge : Sam
  • Nerve stimulator : 
  • Temperature measurement, thermister , thermocouple :
  • Methods of humidification:
  • Gas laws (Boyles, Charles, Avogadros,) : Nishalini (Broomfield)
  • Basics of MRI machine: Pras
  • Electricity safety : Class I,II,III and floating circuits:

Important: If there is something in physics that you have difficulty understanding, please email ( see above)  in advance so that we could read up on it for you!

We really look forwards to seeing all of you!

Pras ,Salih, and Tim Lee

Any problems, call Pras  at the number below ( it is an image to prevent hacking /spamming)