Drug removal psychic mystery

Let me demonstrate my on-line psychic powers. Please do not do this experiment too often, because you might tire my psychic energy ….

Are you ready ?

Okay, below are some drugs that you may use in anaesthesia. Please don’t worry about the exact drugs, we are not doing a pharmacology lecture !

We need to remove ONE drug from the ones below. In your mind, please select ONE of the drugs to be removed.


Please remember the one you asked me to remove !

Now I will start to remove the drug that only you know in your mind.


Keep remembering ….


I am removing it. Keep scrolling down.


Just a little more to go …


I have removed the drug you wanted me to remove! Look below if you don’t believe me.


(please note: This psychic experiment works only once per person. If you want to confirm this effect, ask your friends to try it)