Levels of dihydrogen monoxide levels in anaesthetic staff

Every anaesthetists in the world is likely to suffer from this deficiency.


Dihydrogen monoxide is crucial for the correct homeostasis of the human body. There have been rumours that anaesthesia staff may be short of this substance. A study was conducted to test this rumour.



After obtaining implied consent, anesthesia staff were asked if they felt that they were short of dihydrogen monoxide.


Out of five members of staff asked, four said that they were low on dihydrogen monoxide.

Discussion and Conclusion:

This is an alarming discovery. Mild deficiency of this substance may cause painful pharyngeal mucosae, and serious deficiency may even cause kidney damage. Therefore, it is recommended that anaesthesia departments all over the world ensure that their staff get enough access to dihydrogen monoxide ( i.e. water H2O ).

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