Crazy but actual inventions!

These are genuine inventions. These are copies from the United States patent office records.

Child birth quickening device

This is a device that is supposed to quicken labour. The laboring woman is strapped on to this rotating table. The centrifugal force pushes the baby out. The basket is there to catch the baby as he/she pops out. Better prescribe some antiemetics as well…


Weight reduction device

This is a weight reducing device that works by preventing one from eating. (I suppose the patients’ partner keeps the key)


Alive alarm

For us working in anaesthetics, alarms are part of our daily life. However, I think this alarm will be the most unique one. Many people were / are afraid of being buried alive. This device allows one to ring a bell in case one is actually buried alive (hope the people on top are listening).


Kissing condom

This device allows safe kissing …. a sort of a “kissing condom” !


Toilet target practice

Toilet cleaners will love this. The aim of the invention is that males will aim at the target, helping to keep the toilet clean !


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