Freewrite alternative

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For those of you who are not happy with the offerings from Astrohaus, here is a Freewrite alternative !

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  1. Get an ereader ( screen atleast 7.8 inches) that has Android. E.g. this one is Likebook Mars. There are many others. Choose one that has “A2 refresh mode”. This makes the text a little less clear, but the speed that the text appears is really quick.
  2. Install Jota text editor from Google play. this is a very simple text editor suitable for ereaders. ( )
  3. Get a nice bluetooth mechanical keyboard of your choice.
  4. Pair keyboard to device.
  5. Get a stand for ereader. Ones made for tabletes / phones will do. This one super cheap and collapsible.

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  • Select A 2 mode and start typing away !
  • You can use nice cursor buttons to go where you want, or even cooler, since these are touch screens, just touch where you want to go!
  • I am nota novelist, but write content for my websites. Do visit my website stop stupid thinking

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  • When done, select “file” on Jota editor, select share, choose Bluetooth, and send to your phone or laptop. In a similar way, you can also send text files to ereader from your laptop / phone to ereader.
  • My wife finds mechanical keyboard noisy, so when next to her, I choose quieter Bluetooth one. As you can see, it is slim and makes carrying around easy. Almost as slim as Freewrite Traveler !

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And if you like to write in the evening …… 

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