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circle breathing system mystery

drug removal mystery

red fish blue fish illusion

difference between surgeons, physicians and anaesthetists

endotracheal tube caught sleeping at work

cheapest way to assess day surgery patients

always read the label before giving a drug (illusion)

if anesthetists conducted executions

scary door of finance managers office

cat gets an epidural

laughing gas (huge collection of jokes)

"WHERE" checklist (something you should do before the WHO check list)

where is the defibrillator ? ( a unique riddle for you to solve)

anesthesia gas flow meter illusion

easiest intubation in the world

labor pain relief method (that men will hate)

airway illusions

crazy but true inventions

unique anaesthesia vaporisers

Quincke point pencil

walking epidurals

really short history of laughing gas & ether

Original Research Section

dihydrogen monoxide levels in anaesthesia staff

Serious Stuff

tracheal intubation in 1880 ( fascinating case reports of intubation over 120 years ago !)

Flight 401 : The Black Box story (An aviation disaster that has relevance to medical safety)

Make the world a lighter place by telling all anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists about !